Pororo 뽀로로 S1_1 우리는 친구 (We Are Friends)


Pororo is your best friend!! I know there are English versions broadcasting, but I find the Korean version a hundred times cuter!!

I might or might not post notes for these kids shows. Sit back and enjoy and see if you can understand before going on to read my transcript!


I have a little beginner lesson(?) in the end!!

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GASA #1 B1A4 – 가나다송 (Korean Alphabet Song)

Before we begin… I just want to make sure of a few things

YOU SHOULD love music! 😀

YOU SHOULD know the alphabet already, if not, watch this super comprehensive lesson. (*note that this is 35 minutes long, and I recommend breaking it into two sessions or so, but super comprehensive as I said)

YOU SHOULD NOT read the Romanization! Seriously, it might make you feel great at first, but believe me, it will screw things up.

YOU SHOULD NOT, NO, NEVER bash any artist on this site. (There are artists I don’t like out there, but bashing is unacceptable in so many ways)


Housekeeping aside, let’s embark on our journey!!

This series is called GASA because가사 means lyrics in Korean!!

As a first post I will choose a song that is fun that expresses my love for 한글(Hangeul), the Korean writing system!

141027 GASA #1

The Ganada Song, sang by B1A4, is for a commercial for LINE (*disclaimer: I am not associated with LINE corp. by any means)

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Introduction to DLK (도한열)

Hello world!!

안녕하세요 여러분!!


DLK stands for Dorami Learns Korean

The Korean version, 도한열 is a short form that mean the same:

도라미, 한국어 열공한다



열공하다=short for 열심히 공부하다=to study hard

>열심하다=to be enthusiastic, eager, working hard (positively) about sth [D: no direct translation here]

>공부하다=to study


Here’s an idea of how my blogs will be like… Kinda, sorta, maybe?

I will write any comments in those square brackets with D, meaning that I said it basically.



I am Dorami. I’m a very average Canadian University student currently.

저는 도라미라고 합니다. 보통한 캐나다 대학생이에요!


I love Korean songs, certainly not refined to K-pop, some of my favourite artists are not mainstream K-pop in fact.

제가 한국음악을 너무 좋아해요, k팝만 좋아하는게 아님… (솔직히 제가 제일 좋아하는 가수들은 거의 다 대중적인 가수 아닙니다)

…Which is the reason why I decided to start this blog. I do hope that I would stick with it.

그래서 이 블로그 시작했죠. 오래 오래 갈 수 있으면 좋겠다ㅋ

At DLK, I will be posting twice a month, examining the lyrics of a particular song, and believe me learning through songs are super fun!!

한달에 가사필기 두개정도 올릴깨요. 가사를 공부하는게 완전 재밌는 일이에요!!

I will also be posting studies of clips found in dramas, variety shows, films (at irregular times probably) and suggest any resources I find useful!!

시간이 되나면, 또 드라마나 예능프로나 영화에서 잦은 영상도 공부하려고 하겠습니다~ 다른 좋은 사이트 발견하면 추천도 할거에요!!

Just by the way, Korean is not my native language. Part of the purpose of this blog is to record my own working process as well!!

아, 한국어는 제 모국어 아니라서 실수도 있을 수 있어요. 저도 열공하고 있습니다!!


Feel free to email DLK with any requests or questions!! 신청곡 있으면, 또 질문 있으면 꼭 연락해주세요!!


DLK 도한열