Dorami is…

A 20 year old girl born in China who has been spending her youth(?) entirely in Canada.
A liberal studies student who hasn’t figured out (and don’t really want to) her life yet.
A patient with wanderlust syndrome.
A foodie.
A FANgod.
A music-films-fashion-and-all-things-cultural enthusiast.
A writer-wannabe.
A proud Canadian.
Super ambitious, maybe too ambitious, about language learning;
– Fluenct in English and Mandarin,
– Intermediate-advanced in Korean,
– Beginner-Intermediate in Japanese, French,
– Beginner in American Sign Language (ASL),
– And planning to learn Spanish, Swahili, Thai, Mongolian, Uygher, and Turkish.


Dorami is not…

The sister of a famous robot cat from Japan.
(*no infringement intended)

Disclaimer: Unless otherwise specified, all original lyrics are credited to Daum Music.



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