Pororo 뽀로로 S1_1 우리는 친구 (We Are Friends)


Pororo is your best friend!! I know there are English versions broadcasting, but I find the Korean version a hundred times cuter!!

I might or might not post notes for these kids shows. Sit back and enjoy and see if you can understand before going on to read my transcript!


I have a little beginner lesson(?) in the end!!

1화_우리는 친구 We are Friends

(transcribed, translated by Dorami)


추운 나라 어느 작은 숲속 마을에 호기심 많은 꼬마 펭귄, 뽀로로가 살고 있었습니다.

In  a cold country, a little curious penguin, Pororo lived in a small village in the forest.


뽀로로: 안녕. 난 뽀로로야!

Pororo: Hi. I’m Pororo!


뽀로로: 어?! 이게 뭐지?

Pororo: Uh?! What’s this?


뽀로로: 알이다!

Pororo: It’s an egg!


갑자기 배가 고파진 뽀로로는 알을 갖고 집으로 돌아왔습니다.

Pororo who suddenly got hungry took the egg and returned home.


이런! 알에서 나온것은 아기 공룡이군요!

Gee! What came out of the egg is a baby dinosaur!


하지만, 뽀로로는 아기 공룡을 무서운 괴물이라고 생각합니다.

However, Pororo thinks that the baby dinosaur is a scary monster.


친구들: 뽀로로, 안녕!

Friends: Hey Pororo!


뽀로로: 아? 얘들아 안녕!

Pororo: Huh? Hey guys!


에디: 뽀로로 뭐하는거야?!

Eddy: Pororo, what are you doing?!


에디: 뽀로로 같이 가!

Eddy: Pororo wait up!


포비: 달이자!

Poby: Let’s run!


친구들: 하나, 둘, 신나게 달리자!

Friends: One, two, let’s run with excitement!

친구들: 하나, 둘, 셋, 넷!

Friends: One, two, three, four!


뽀로로: 안녕. 내 이름은 뽀로로야. 넌?

Pororo: Hi. My name is Pororo. You?


크롱: 크롱. 크롱. 크롱~!

Crong: Crong. Crong. Crong~!


뽀로로: 안녕 크롱. 만나서 반가워.

Pororo: Hi Crong. Nice to meet you.


친구들: 만나서 반가워/반갑습니다

Friends: Nice to meet you


크롱: 크롱 크롱!

Crong: Crong Crong!


오늘 꼬마 펜귄 뽀로로와 아기공룡 크롱은 친구가 되었습니다.

Today, little penguin Pororo and baby dinosaur Crong became friends




This could be your Korean 101, first thing ever that you would learn in Korean.

You might have noticed that I had highlighted a few sentences from the transcript. They are all phrases that you would use when introducing yourself.

These are two ways Pororo introduced himself:

안녕. 난 뽀로로야! (Hi. I’m Pororo!)
안녕. 내 이름은 뽀로로야. (Hi. My name is Pororo.)

There are other ways to introducing yourself. There are four basic speech forms in the Korean language (Formal polite, formal plain, informal polite, informal plain) and Pororo speaks in the informal plain form. I’m not going to go into details now, but just keep in mind that there are three other ways of saying the exact same things in Korean. (predominantly hierarchical society)

We also see this phrase a few times:

만나서 반가워. (Nice to meet you!)

The literal translation of this phrase would be “We met, thus I’m glad”. We can also just say 반가워 instead of 만나서 반가워.


Fun fact: kids love Pororo so much like it’s the best medicine for any symptom (not eating, crying, whining, etc. etc..)

Right, not really a fun fact is it? 😀


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